8 Benefits You Can’t Ignore Of Integrating JIRA With Project Online

Microsoft Project has been the most trusted tool for project managers or team leaders for keeping teams and project organized. After over 20 years of MS Project still favoured by many as the project management tool. This tool was intended to productively strategize projects through organized undertakings and work bundles, financial plan and oversee costs, bill and statement customers, and more. As a cutting-edge management tool, it holds its worth today. It is particularly valuable for the individuals who use Waterfall the board models.

MS Project is not completely favoured when it comes to agile and Hybrid PM approaches because of its predominant sequential work break downflow. Another weakness of Microsoft Project lies in the way that you can’t design issues in detail underneath the tasks. This is the place JIRA comes to play. JIRA is a project management device that lets you plan definite issues in sprints and cycles, just as constant advancement following. It supports cooperation by giving an effective method to deal with each phase of a project. You are likely considering how you can outwit the two tools.

Here are the 8 advantages of integrating JIRA and MS Project:

1- With the GLMS solution, you will be able to plan, schedule and trace values in MS project along with collaborating and reporting progress in JIRA.

2- This integration will allow your team to work in tools familiar to them. Activities along with collaborating on tasks are now enhanced.

3- A Project can be executed using a combination of tools.

4- By opting for this integration you can customize your product to line up with Programs and Portfolios.

5- Updated information is efficiently provided for all the members involved in the project.

6- The integration of JIRA and MS project reduce the efforts needed in planning and revamping the different stages of a project.

7- It provides data reliability. This allows for appropriate and efficient decision making, which is crucial to the success of any project.

8- It provides data consistency in all involved systems and for all team members.

The benefits of integrating JIRA ad MS project are many. These are just some of them. Utilizing both management tool will surely help you to figure out an efficient tailor-made solution for each project you manage with virtually no additional effort, enabling automated data flow and avoiding the need for entering information twice.

Project you manage with virtually no additional effort, enabling automated data flow and avoiding the need for entering information twice.

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