How to Change Your Default PWA Site for Project Home

How to Change Your Default PWA Site for Project Home

We are satisfied to declare that Project Home clients would now be able to change the default Project Web App (PWA) website to their favored PWA webpage. This permits Project Home clients to control the creation area of new Project Online undertakings, and to explore all the more effectively to wanted PWA destinations from Project Home.

To change the default PWA site in Project Home:

1) Firstly select the setting icon on the navigation bar on the Office 360 and after that pick Default PWA site. You will get to see a ‘Default PWA site’ in the change default PWA dialogue box.



2) In the Change default PWA site discourse box, type your favored PWA site URL and press the Change site catch. It’s vital that you type a PWA site URL (not SharePoint site URL) and you have in any event Read consent to that PWA site URL.

On the off chance that you don’t know which PWA site URL to utilize, contact your administrator or demand authorization to the PWA site that you might want to get to. On the off chance that you have in any event Read authorization to the entered PWA URL when you select the Change site catch, you will see a triumph message and your default PWA site will be changed to the new URL.


In the event that you don’t have Read consent to the recently entered PWA site, you will see a mistake and your PWA site won’t be changed. In the event that you see this mistake, you can:

  • Attempt once more: Retype the URL and pick Change site once more.
  • Re-establish to the last spared default PWA site URL: click the X button in the upper right corner of the exchange box.
  • Reset to the first default PWA site URL: Select Reset to default.

Peruse get to mistake message for default PWA site URL


Project Home likewise checks for the Create consent when you attempt to make another undertaking and Read authorization when you explore to the Home Page utilizing the Go to Project Web App interface at the base of Project Home. On the off chance that you don’t have Create or Read consents, you will see a red message bar close to the highest point of the program. For this situation, you can pick the Change Default catch on the message bar to change your default PWA site.


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