Project Online: How to display Project Timeline view in Project Site


Author: Gordon Lewis

Issue: Project Timeline View not visible in Project site or Workspace in Project Online

In Project Online the Project Tasks from the schedule are not automatically synchronised with the Task List on the Project site.

This feature is turned off by default in Project Online and needs to be turned on to get your tasks in your schedule to be displayed on the Project Site or Workspace.

To turn this synch on this is done in PWA settings > Connected SharePoint Sites.

Select the site and click on Project in Project Online


Make sure the sync Enterprise Projects tasks to Task List is ticked.


Now Build the Timeline view for the Project by editing the Project in Project Web App or MS Project in Project Online by adding tasks to the timeline view



Save and Publish your Project



Your timeline view is now visible in the Project Site/ Workspace


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  • Jak Grimm November 7, 2019

    My Project file has 3 Timeline Views options, as there are about 30 different aspects that I want to summarise through Timelines. The Project file is a master file made up of Read-Only linked subproject files. How can I change the Timeline View of the Project Web App, to show View Pg 2 and View Pg 3. It currently only shows View Pg 1. I would appreciate any assistance you could provide with this query. Jak.

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