Project Online: How to show project timeline in a Share Point project site

Author: Gordon Lewis

Problem: After adding your required tasks and milestones to your project timeline and publishing the project on Project Online, the project timeline is supposed to appear on the associated project site, but when you open the project site the project timeline doesn’t appear. There is a minor change on Project Online settings for showing project schedule timeline on SharePoint site.
Step-1 When you define a new Enterprise project type and create a project with that specific type,on the Enterprise Project Type and under Synchronisation select Synch SharePoint task list.


Step-2 go to Server Settings>Operational Policies>Connected SharePoint Sites. In this page select your project and click on Synchronize option.


After finishing 2 above steps, open and republish the project, project timeline will appear on project site.
Note: you don’t need to apply Synchronize option every time you publish the project.

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