Project Server 2007 Active Directory Enterprise Resource Pool Synchronisation


One might encounter errors of synchronisation of resources with Active Directory.

Error Message

Project User: ADglewis

Correlation Id: 8d0de900-0500-4a45-80a4-3ec45d2107db

PWA Site URL: https://projectserver/PWA

SSP Name: SharedServices1 SSP Administration

PSError: Success (0)

A resource could not be updated during Project Server Active Directory Synchronization because a duplicate windows account name conflict occured that could not be resolved. Resource GUID: 38c2d710-e92c-4181-91e8-b1e8f79acb5a. Resource Name Paris Hilton Windows Account:

Things to check:

1. Resource is checked out

Sometimes when the resource is checked out you could get errors. It is advisable to update details of resource and check the resource back in.

Sometimes the resource is checked out by the AD sync service accoutn and could be checked out in the DB but not appear as checked out in PWA.

Re-run the synchronisation

2. Resource details manually entered and not aligned to conventions in Active Directory

What I found was that somehow the resource to which Active Directory was synchronising to was already defined manually and names were not correctly defined as they were in Active Directory.

Delete the resource if not assigned to tasks or project and re-run synchronisation or edit the resource to as defined in the Active Directory

Recent Comment

  • SaPooh August 5, 2008

    Hi Gordon,
    I am receiving this same error message; however, I have checked both things that you mention as possible reasons.  No the resource is not checked out, and in my situation the resource has not been manually provisioned.  This resource does not exist yet in Project Server and apparently can not even get created. 
    The network account name is (jdoe).  I checked to see if there were any other (jdoe) account names already in Project Server.  There is only one and it is (JDoe).  In previous troubleshooting I have learned that case seems to matter when it comes to these network account names.  Have you experienced that or do you have any light you could shed on my situation?
    I need to get this user created in Project Server and also need to understand what is causing it to not get created so as to prevent it in the future.

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