Project Server 2013 PWA provisioning: Failed to find Service application

I was setting up Project Server 2013 PWA instance on an existing site. I ran into the following error when trying to enable the SPFeature

I noted the application proxy was not setup for the Project Server Service Application.

I then tried to delete the Project Server Service application, but could not # delete the Project Server Service application

Message received was that there were exiting Project Server Sites.

To delete the Project Server Service Application we needed to remove the association of these sites.

I followed the following article

High level steps outlined below thanks to Alex.

Caution!! Advised for those following this where you have existing PWA already provisioned.

$psi = get-spserviceapplication | ? {$_.Typename -like “*Project*}

Outcome : This will return the various Project service applications

$sa = get-spserviceapplication | ? {$_.Id -eq “GUID of the Service App from above”}

Outcome : Assign the individual service app object to $sa and verify it has been set.

$sc = $sa.SiteCollection

Outcome : Will assign the SiteCollection details to $sc and display the contents.

Note Id value.

$sa.SiteCollection.Remove(“Site Collection ID from above”);

Outcome : The $sc should return nothing as the site collection has been removed. You should then be able to go into CA and delete the service app without error.

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