What Version of Microsoft Project Online is right for me?

No matter how pioneering your project needs might be, Project Online is a cloud-based solution that will address all your Project Management, Portfolio Management, and Resource Management needs. Project Online allows entities, access to the latest version on multiple devices. The assorted phenomenal tools incorporated in the respective solution aids in the meticulous execution of the project.

Project Online impeccably knits with Office 365 and Power BI for collaboration and analytics. The particular feature notifies everyone about the portfolio and projects progress of an individual (/ entity). As stated earlier, the impressive tools of Microsoft Project Online help in the appropriate outlining of resource allocation, utilization and effective management of the same. The entity, therefore, is empowered to deliver the work on time.

Team leads and members, administrators, project and resource managers and portfolio managers and viewers, all can rely on Project Online for improved work performance.

The following is a list of Project Online Editions that are available in the market:

Project Online Professional: Project management in the cloud through desktop client and web-browser (Project Management is the core solution). Typically for Project Managers and Schedulers.

Project Online Premium: Absolute project and portfolio management solution (furthermore includes eclectic tools for Portfolio Management and Resource Management). Typically for Portfolio Managers, Resource Managers, and Administrators.

Project Online Essentials: Ancillary module for project team members (solely available as Add-On to Project Online Professional or Project Online Premium). Typically for Team Members and Executives

Project Online is obtainable on monthly subscriptions as a per-user basis.

Project Online Monthly Subscription

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