GLMS Smart Solutions‘, an Online Project Server Solutions and Consultants of Australia know that leveraging technology to improve efficient delivery of projects is the ultimate key forthe smooth running of a business. They improve organisation performance by fostering the use of state-of-the-art technology.

One of the technologies that the specific EPM Consultants/ the PPM Consultants strongly back by is Mobile Solutions. They feel that the changing demographics of the workforce is reflective in the constant expectation of connectivity, irrespective of location or circumstance.

GLMS, ergo, assists organisations by developing smart and yet cost-effective mobile solutions for small, medium, and large businesses. These solutions are built for both Android as well as iOS platforms.
Microsoft Azure is one such Cloud Computing Platform that is notably recommended by them as a cover for mobile solutions.

Azure supports various operating systems, tools, databases, programming languages, and, devices.
The following are the benefits of Microsoft Azure_the ones that can help your business to burgeon:
1. Management of Applications:

A firm can reap benefits from IaaSso as to develop, deploy, and manage the apps in a swift and uncomplicated way. It can launch a website or create an application and maintain the configuration by custom-making the cloud software.

2. Pliancy of Investment:
Azure gives you a significant option of using its support solely when it would be convenient for you. You might not frequently require its service. Thus, you can invest your capital in the respective solution only when you have a requirement of utilizing the same.

3. Provision for Sizeable Storage:
Azure has a number of data centres and delivery points. It enables breakneck dissemination of content as well as excellent and uncomplicated user experience. Azure is definitely quite dependable.

4. The Aspect of Security:
One of the sought after benefits of any solutions is the feature of security. And Azure assures bona fide protection regarding the critical details of your concerned task. The data centres have two-tier authentication, proxy card readers, hand geometry biometric readers, global incident response team. Hacking, therefore, does not become a trivial issue to be concerned about.

5. Expeditious Performance:
Azure is quite brisk in regards to the management of tasks, their operation, and measurability of the same. This is rather considered to be the Unique Selling Proposition of Azure.

6. Analytics Support:
Azure has an incorporated backing structure. This helps in the evaluation of specifics and procurement of insights. This further succours in an organized Structured Query Language Service, Machine Learning, Stream and Cortana Analytics. Therefore, because of such effectiveness, trade settlements taken, metamorphose to be astute, heralding manifestation of a cut above possibilities.

7. Compliance:
The data stored is in conformance with the regulations of the state. This is tremendously helpful from the point of statutory/ authoritative aspect.

8. Consolidated Delivery Plan:
Azure renders cross-functional explication. All the tools for source control, unit testing, delivery or the integration testing are accessible in one single bracket. Thus, this steers clear the complication related to integration and continuity.

9. Mishap Recovery:
Staying Online, round the clock, corroborates the assurance of the clients in the respective application. The disaster recuperation competence of Azure like regional/global failover options; in-loop reboots, and the uncertain standby modes fortify your tasks from any damage that could be caused by accidents.

10. Updates:
In Azure, the software updates are automated. Not only that, the applications are amended in real-time, so the fundament works dexterously. In return, your business prospers.

GLMS Smart Solutions‘, an Online Project Server Solutions, therefore, recommend all the businesses out there to work effectively as well as efficiently with Microsoft Azure.

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