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The Great handshake – DevOps and Agile

As enterprises move to getting more leaner,the need to change in the way they work with respect to process culture and tools is in the forefront. Traditionally Development and Operations teams worked independently and in silos. Each would follow a very heavy sequential waterfall type process. The challenge was the ability to effectively manage and meet customer and user demands. As Agile began to gain prominence, lateral thinking on similar lines evolved to bring development and operational teams closer together due to the emergence of

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Modern Workplace: What Lies Beneath is a Mantra of Success

A Complete, Intelligent, and Secure Solution to Empower Employees Author: Harmeet Bhatia What is important for a forward-looking organisation? In the modern world it is imperative for organisations to be in-tune with the curve,successful and balanced, and constantly improving. Each organisation has a unique strategy inperformance and execution. Forward momentum can be difficult as several challenges such as various cultural behaviors, restricting policies, different processes and technologies, etc. may provide stalls in momentum. What consistently makes an organisation stand out above the rest? Well, in

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