Idea Management is a lit theory that many of the organizations are presently adopting for pulling the strings of the distinctive manifestos of their workforce in the right direction.

And ‘GLMS Smart Solutions‘, the Online Project Server Solutions and Consultants truly believes that a company can prosper to inordinate lucrative heights by the sorting of the ideas proposed by the personnel of the company. They conclude that the most significant ideas for unconventionality often come from the employees. The respective Online Project Server Solutions thus put their confidence in enabling these people to participate in the metamorphosis.They consider it to be essential in the establishment of a world-class innovation ecosystem.

Idea Management fosters the capability to collaborate and solve problems as well as transform developing concepts into incisive ideas.

Furthermore, the particular Management solution quantifies interest; encourages the breaking of “new ground” or incremental benefit in a product/service. It establishes service and the process of garnering feedback; forms teams; and transform concepts into prudent ideas (reducing resistance and resource waste).

Simply put, Idea Management system is indisputably the “magic ticket” for capturing and sharing ideas effortlessly, for promoting a culture of innovation and for boosting the quality and quantity of contribution.

GLMS’ Idea Management Solution is built on Microsoft Share Point Technology. Additionally, there are options to interface or integrate with a Microsoft PPM/EPM Arrangement.

Now, there are certain stages of Idea Management Procedure which your firm must undertake to delegate meticulous Skill Management on Resources. Work on the following steps and achieve the best from your resources, whether it is your labour force, their unique ideas or even the technology your company is inclined to work towards.

Following are the mentioned stages in detail:

(I) Formulation of Idea and Mustering of the same: The workforce shall be motivated to precipitate propositions to address a specific question of the moment. Individuals shall assess and vote for the most appropriate acknowledgement accordingly.

(II) Fetch and Select the Finest Ideas: Share proposal and happenings overtly. Discussions regarding further execution shall take place.

(III) Feedback and Recognition: Acquire Feedback from the Management as well as the entire workforce. Felicitate and reward the endeavours.

(IV) Implementation of the Idea: Appropriate allocation of resources as per the stimulated idea and contemporaneous unprecedented tactics adopted by the company shall, ergo, be executed.

‘GLMS Smart Solutions’_ is a pro in Resource Utilisation and Management. Thus, you could clutch on to their assistance in the Idea and Innovation Management strategies of your company. The respective Online Project Server Solutions works on the following principles:

(a) Leveraging Technology to Improve Efficient Delivery of Projects and (b) Effective Planning of Resource Activity
(V) Create a Reserve: Stock on the cracking ideas as well. They could be put to use in future.

Thus, Idea Management could be of immense advantage to your organization. Get support on it with ‘GLMS Smart Solutions’ today.

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