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Resource Management

Resource Management


Resource Management is the process of effectively managing the deployment and allocation of an organisation’s resources. In order to efficaciously manage, leadership needs complete visibility into the identification and classification of resources (assets and human capital), resource activity and action outcomes, and potential resource pipeline/forecast demand.

GLMS’s panacea for Resource Management is built on the Microsoft Project solution for both the cloud and on premises. Project is extremely flexible and designed to be adopted by any type of organisation. For institutions that are ‘professional services’ in nature, the solution can include a timesheet system closely integrated with Project work. Demand and utilisation of resources can be monitored by department, location, skill, as well as stakeholder groups. Anytime and anywhere access (including mobile devices) ensures an accurate, straightforward and effortless monitoring system to continuously track and report.

Key Benefits

  • Gain instant and constant visibility into team utilization and productivity
  • Effectively and efficiently assign resources to designated projects
  • Avoid a “last minute scramble” of over-utilizing resources, forced engagement of additional contractors/resources, and losing general oversight
  • Know the core impact of every project and resource
  • Score a real-time solution that is mobile and cloud friendly
  • Generate accurate and informed hiring decisions for new projects
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